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Terms and Conditions Catamarans Cruises

INTERNATIONAL VOYAGES are a commercial partner of the global charter company Dream Yacht Charter. With over 39 destinations across the globe, Dream Yacht Charter allows its clients to experience sailing the world. Once you’ve enjoyed sailing in Galapagos aboard Nemo II and Nemo III, head out to explore some of our other exciting locations. Taste the beauty of places like Thailand, the Caribbean, Cuba, the Bahamas, the Mediterranean, Tahiti and many others.

All offers are subject to the terms and conditions from Dream Yacht Charter and his booking policy. Local taxes and fees may apply. All prices were considered correct at time of publishing and

INTERNATIONAL VOYAGES may be subject to change. All offers are based upon availability at the time of booking.


For our cruises and excursions, we recommend you to obtain Travel Insurance; it must be for the duration of the trip. It is highly encouraged but if you decide against, then INTERNATIONAL VOYAGES is exempt of all responsibilities related to an ailment, accident, death or injury that has happened during land excursions. It is the guest’s responsibility to have all the proper documentation to attend this voyage (Visa requirements, vaccinations, a valid Passport for a minimum of 6 months).


1.- For confirmation a deposit of 20% is required
2.- The 50% of the total should be paid 90 days prior the departure date
3.- Balance due must be completely paid 60 days prior the departure date


1.- Cancellation made after  deposit we will retain US $ 250, for administrative expenses per passenger FITS or US 150 per pax in charter basis.
2.- 119 – 90 days prior the departure  –  20% of the total cruise rate will be retained
3.- 89 – 60 days prior the departure  –  50% of the total cruise rate will be retained
4.- 59 days prior the departure  –  100% of the total cruise rate will be retained


 1.- Deposits/Total payments should be received on our bank account on the dates according to the above mentioned policy.
2.- If we don´t receive the deposits/total payments according to the above mentioned procedures we hold the right to cancel your reservation.
3.- We accept only written cancellations, sent by e-mail.
4.- Penalties for cancellations will automatically be discounted from deposits/total payments.

*All information is subject to the terms and conditions of Dream Yacht Charter are booking policy. Terms and conditions stated in this website are subject to change. Consult with our team for full or updated terms and conditions. Local taxes and fees may apply.

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