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About Catamarans Cruises

International Voyage is dedicated to the sale of motorized catamaran cruises all over the world. Our objective is to provide people with access to a new and exciting way of traveling by luxury motorized catamaran. We give guests first class, personalized service on all our luxury catamaran cruises in the most majestic locales around the world.

Our Mission

International Voyages is a solid and responsible company, able to attend to all clients’ needs. Our mission is to provide guests with a perfect cruise experience on all of our luxury catamarans. We offer clients superior quality and personalized services to make sure they are completely satisfied with their International Voyage cruise.


International Voyage aims to be the #1 international luxury catamaran cruise company in the world, offering itineraries in all parts of the globe. We provide guests a relaxing, comfortable and safe journey with new and innovative products and services so they have the most satisfactory experience.

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